Bossbabe Auxiliary Experts was established to help with the business administration needs of all fields. We have advanced experience in various types of assistant roles for over 13 years. 

Additionally, our team has experience in payroll, researching, assisting with websites, etc. 

Bossbabe Auxiliary Experts take pride in providing the best services and assisting our clients with meeting their goals and deadlines. We are here to assist you in completing those tedious tasks you are unable to get to during a regular business day.

We provide a variety of services from managing and maintaining your calendars, creating presentations and documents, researching and organizing data, managing social media accounts and replies, organizing communications via emails and phone calls, organizing meetings, travel, and accommodations. managing expense reports, orders, and confidential financial information, organizing electronic files, editing presentation documents, and assisting with the creation of PowerPoint presentations or other sales materials. As well as various other tasks. 

For more information please contact us at (224)-432-0856

For more information please contact us at (admin@Bossbabeauxiliaryexperts.com) or text us at (224-432-0856).